My Food Philosophy

I figured I would kick off this blog with a post about my ┬ápersonal food philosophy…

And about food philosophies in general.

My perspective of health has evolved greatly over time. And let’s be honest, whose hasn’t? Whereas four years ago I might have thought of health as thriving off of bananas and carrots and being skinny, I now view health as thriving off of ALL the carbs, ALL the fats, ALL the proteins, and being the strongest person I can possibly be, mentally and physically.

I think a lot of us have been in that place I was a few years ago; a rigid view of health as being solely concerned with appearance and with the number on the scale and with the amount of food rather than the quality of the food on the plate.

Well let me tell ya, that perspective has no place in my new view of health.

It wasn’t until I went through a long struggle of being underweight, nutrient deficient, and exhausted to the point of affecting my running life, as well as stressed over numbers, both on the scale and in the caloric content of the foods I ate, that I decided enough was enough.

I decided to start eating to fuel myself, to start loving myself for who I was, to stop thinking about the number on the scale (I’m happy to say that I do not weigh myself anymore and plan to never weigh myself again…because weight is so irrelevant), and to focus on being strong and powerful and comfortable in my own skin, instead of constantly chasing after some person that I would never be.

Along with this change in perspective towards myself came a change in perspective towards food itself. I found myself gravitating toward the foods that I felt nourished me best; whole, real, organic foods, all of which I can pronounce and understand. This way of eating has left me feeling more vibrant and full of life than ever. Let me tell ya, running on REAL food rather than “food-like substances” really makes a difference. in all areas of your life.

Since making these mental and physical transitions over the past few years, I have become so much happier and healthier. I have a healthy relationship with food, eat abundantly, feel energized and strong, and am confident in what my body is capable of. I am now majoring in nutrition in order to become a Registered Dietitian so I can help to spread this philosophy of “positive eating”. I have even decided to run a half marathon this December and could not be more thrilled!

Bottom line: everyone has their own journey when it comes to learning to love themselves and learning how they can fuel their body best. I personally do not have any dietary restrictions (yogurt, chicken, and eggs are all staples for me), but for someone else they may feel that they thrive best on a plant-based diet or a gluten-free diet and that is completely up to them and their body. What is most important is that we accept each others individual differences and learn to embrace them. Our bodies come in different shapes and sizes and preferences and cravings and desires to move in different ways and that is such a beautiful, beautiful thing.

So now matter how you choose to fuel yourself, fuel yourself. And love yourself. And take good care of yourself. Because you deserve to be nourished and fulfilled, physically and in every other way possible. Start treating food as what it is, fuel, and I promise you will be remarkably changed for the better.



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